For the Cardinals Fan in Your Life

If you have a family member, coworker, or acquaintance in your life who is an Arizona Cardinals fan, you might want to add this to your next grocery list.

You may have heard that the Arizona Cardinals are playing in the NFL Wild Card Round football games! The Cardinals play the Rams on Monday night, so this will give you time to mail a nice card to your Cardinals Fan Friend, telling them that you’re thinking of them in this sad time.

Stores in Arizona start stocking these puppies in August!

You might think this sounds premature. The game hasn’t even started! But Arizona Sports Fans are no strangers to sports related sadness. It’s tough to get over the Cardinals 2009 Super Bowl loss–especially when every Cardinals football game features footage from that dark day. Fans got their hopes up first when up and coming quarterback Kyler Murray was drafted and then when the Cardinals stole wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins away from the Texans. But every year, their spirits are crushed! And since J. J. Watt, the team’s star defensive end, just might be cleared to play, the heartbreak at the inevitable loss will be twice as bad.

So send some good vibes to your AZ friends and family! And don’t forget to pick up a CARD for the CARDS fan in your life! (Whoa.)

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