Phoenix Suns’ Research Pays Off Big in Game 1

Head Coach Monty Williams and the Phoenix Suns sure did their homework before today’s game! In their first Playoff Game since 2010, the Phoenix Suns won against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers roster features a lot of household names, like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But the Suns are on their way to becoming household names even outside of Arizona! So how did the Suns prepare to go up against experienced Playoff players?

Just like your dad always told you in high school: study, study, study!

Phoenix Hero Devin Booker and his friends on the Suns watched a ton of game footage, going all the way back to LeBron James’s first year in the NBA League! We didn’t even know they had cameras back then.

Suns team movie night: footage from LeBron James’s first NBA game!

The video quality certainly doesn’t compare to today’s tv games! If you squint, you can make out the player numbers. And it’s tough to tell the teams apart! The uniforms only came in two colors because most players wanted their jerseys to match the color of their sweet new Model T cars. And the shorts were shorter, since the U.S. was using most of the fabric supply to make uniforms for soldiers in the Great War.

But obviously the Suns got the info they needed to succeed in their game today! Great work, everyone!

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