NBA Players Suns Fans Want

Sports journalists and Phoenix Suns fans are getting tired of waiting for the rumored, much-anticipated Kevin Durant deal to come through.

Suns fans have started sharing which players they would most like to see on their team! Let’s take a look at the top ten.

10.) LeBron James
Well of course, who wouldn’t want the LeBron James?

9.) Deandre Ayton
Well, your in luck because he’s still on the team. Yay!

8.) Cliff Paul
lol yeah! We know Chris Paul’s long-lost twin would be happy to step in!

7.) Michael Jordan from 1994
Wow, that would be a neat choice. Let’s get cracking on those time machines!

6.) Bugs Bunny
From the regular Space Jam or the new Space Jam?

borgs bonnie from the cult classic b-ball movie

5.) Superman
Now we know your kidding.

4.) Magic Johnson from 2020
Uh interesting year to pick, but sure!

3.) Goku
Obviously everyone took the poll seriously.

2.) The Hulk
Fine, do whatever you want.

1.) Michael Jordan from 1993
Better than Michael Jordan from 1994?

There you have it! Who would you like to see on the Suns’ roster this fall?

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