Phoenix Suns Day 1, Let’s Go!

School is in session! (Don’t worry, it’s virtual and pass/fail.) Time to learn about some Phoenix Suns!

Downtown Phoenix, every night of the year.

#1 Devin Bookerrrrrrrrrrr! That’s how it sounds when they summon him to the court at the start of the game! If you’re lucky enough to hear his name over the crowd noise. Phoenix loves Devin Booker! For a few years, Devin Booker was carrying the whole team on his back. Basketball workouts are freaking brutal. But now he is surrounded by other talented players and friends, and they have a great time shooting some hoops together.

#3 Chris Paul! First year Sun but seasoned basketball expert and mentor / father-figure for the younger players. He is a perfect fit for the Suns. Most experts credit Chris Paul with bringing the Suns to the Playoffs for the first time in 11 years. Chris Paul’s approval rating is currently 101%. Fun Fact: did you know he has a twin brother named Cliff? We don’t think they ever do a Parent Trap and switch places during games. But pay attention, maybe you’ll see it happen!

#22 Deandre Ayton! Deandre Ayton was the first overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft! Some people were salty because there was a lot of hype about Luka Dončić, who was picked third overall. But look, sometimes you just have to go with the local boy! Deandre Ayton went to the University of Arizona, so he’s basically an Arizona expert. And over the past few seasons, he’s proven himself worthy of being number one!

#25 Mikal Bridges! Mikal Bridges was also drafted in 2018, but he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers. You might remember it as the cutest draft story of the first round, because his mom works for the 76ers so he’d get to see her every day. Awww! But then the 76ers traded him to the Suns before day one of the draft was even over, it was super awkward. But super lucky for Phoenix! Bridges is one of the most fun players to watch!

#99 Jae Crowder! Another first year Sun who has quickly become a fan favorite! Every team wants Jae Crowder; the Suns are the 7th team he’s played for in the last 10 years. But Phoenix hopes Jae Crowder has found his forever home! Fun fact: Jae Crowder can do pretty much anything on the court, he’s a true Renaissance Man. Rumor has it, he once drilled a half-court shot while blind-folded, with both hands tied behind his back.

These five wholesome friends are often the starting five for YOUR Phoenix Suns! Get ready to cheer them on tonight as they take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Good luck to both teams! (But if you’ve read about these super fun and cute Suns starters, you’re obvi a Suns fan now. So it’s cool if you want to wish more luck to the Suns.)

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