T minus 4 games until Ayton returns

Phoenix Suns fans have been counting the days until their star center Deandre Ayton makes his triumphant return to the court.

After the first game of the 2019 season, the NBA announced Ayton’s 25-game suspension. Big Sports hate the idea of players taking cool drugs to get all beefy and stuff, but the folks in charge also hate the idea of players taking regular drugs to get lean. If you’re a pro athlete, you have to be both an athletic freak of nature and a regular guy. The struggle is real sometimes.

Uhhhh this looks wholesome.

The Phoenix Suns, America’s sweetheart team, have started the season much stronger than in prior years. But basketball is cruel sometimes, and players get injured and then other players have to play out of position and then the coach has to post the position on LinkedIn to try to bring in a temp to absorb some of the workload but it’s tough because the temp doesn’t know the playbook that well so he gets triple doubles in turnovers, missed points in the paint, and failed attempts to get a foul called by dramatically throwing himself on the floor when another player brushes against his jersey.

Tune in tonight to watch the most-improved Phoenix Suns take on the Minnesota Timberwolves at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

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