Wildest Sports Anagrams

These shocking sports anagrams will leave you speechless!

This is how you make an anagram. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a bonus letter!

Replay touch score = touch players core
Wow, someone’s been doing crunches!

Fantasy Hockey = To Heck, Fans
Yeah, this fantasy hockey season came from heck itself.

Cam Newton = To NE Cam

Wayne Gretzky = Yay New Trek
Well, we don’t really get his one, but still fun.

Tennessee Titans = Tennessee Tights
Classic Tennessee, the most titanic team that ever titaned.

Ben “Biggest Ben” Roethlisberger = Been This Big Ben Steeler
He bleeds yellow, red, and blue! Probably should get that looked at. Stay safe out there, Big Ben!

Michael Jordan = He Who Dunks
So accurate!

Tom Brady = Tom Brady

Tiger Woods = Golf
Mind = blown.

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