Who will be the next Big Ben?

In tonight’s Monday edition of Monday Night Football, Big Ben Benjamin “Big B” Roethlisberger might be playing his last pro football game. Which leaves many of us to ask, who will be the next “Big Ben”?

Ceremonial Big Ben garb for special occasions.

Let’s take a look at the candidates!

Benny Snell: Experts think that fellow Steeler Benny Snell is most likely to be crowned the next Big Ben. Will the coveted title of Big Bean stay with the Steelers?
Benjamin St-Juste: Could the moniker of Big Ben go to a defensive player? Well, the New Ben could be a Washington Football cornerback!
Ben Skowronek: Maybe the biggest been is the up and coming wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams!
Eno Benjamin: Whoa, can they do that??! We guess it’s fine if your last name is been! This young Arizona Cardinal RB could be the first Big Ben to have his last name be Big Been!

Good luck to all the Big Ben hopefuls! And good luck to the original Big Ben Roethlisberger on what could be his final game!

Folks hoping to earn some extra cash can place bets on the nextest Big! Do you think Ben will retire tonight? Do you think Eno Benjamin has what it takes to be the next Big Been? Or will dark horse candidate Ben Skowronek swoop in to steal the crown? Place your bets in the “Cash Flusher” app today!

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