Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em: Week 11 QBs

The New York Giants have a bye this week, so it’s finally time to put Eli Manning on your bench.

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City: Start. This week, Patrick Mahomes is part of the Mexico City Edition of London Night Football! This rare London Game in Mexico City is on Monday night, so Mahomes and the team will have plenty of time to eat some amazing food and do the whole tourist experience and still make time for football.

Philip Rivers, Los Angeles: Start. Philip Rivers also plays in the Mexico City Monday Night London Game! Rivers photoshopped the football out of the Chargers social media posts and replaced it with a soccer ball, in the hopes of drawing a huge crowd.

Looks great!

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49s: Start. Jimmy G is likely to go off for five touchdowns, but only if Erin Andrews is watching. If she’s not, he’ll probably get you eight points. Which is way better than being punched in the mouth!

Carson Wentz, Eagles: Sit. No question on this one. The Eagles are playing the Patriots this weekend, and the Pats D is averaging 10 sacks and two touchdowns per game. That’s better than most quarterbacks! Carson Wentz certainly hasn’t sacked anyone this season.

Baker Mayfield, Browns: Sit. Thursday night games are rough. Baker Mayfield was up all night vacuuming the stadium, and you know the Steelers defense is going to take advantage of that.

Mason Rudolph, Steelers: Sit. Thursday night games, man. In Cleveland. Mason Rudolph is spending most of the day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He’s been listening to some old tunes and brushing up on history in the hopes of winning the trivia contest. He might forget to walk over to First Energy Stadium. (If he doesn’t make it in time, Big Bean Roethlisberger is likely to suit up for a bunch of cool trick plays where the ball is snapped directly to the Cleveland defense!)

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