LaFleur Introduces Groundbreaking Practice Methods in Green Bay

Matt LaFleur, Coach of the Green Bay Packers, is bringing innovation to Green Bay. Following a disappointing loss to the Chargers last Sunday, radical measures were needed to prep the team for tomorrow’s home game against the Panthers.

LaFleur was praised early in the week for forcing the team to practice outside in the elements as opposed to inside the team’s indoor practice facility, the Don Hutson Center. According to LaFleur, the team will be better prepared for in-game situations if they practice in the extreme Wisconsin cold. But apparently the first year coach is not satisfied with the coldness level.

On Friday, LaFleur signed for the delivery of 6 tons of dry ice, 500 cylinders of liquid nitrogen, and 25 industrial ultra-low temperature freezers.

“These babies can get down to negative 85 degrees Celsius,” Coach LaFleur declared proudly, pounding a fist against one of the new 96-cubic-foot units. “That’s negative 121 in Fahrenheit.”

LaFleur shows off the new additions to the Packers training facility.

We are both excited and apprehensive about the remaining Packers match-ups.

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