Jets Injury Report

QB news is getting weirder and weirder. Still think the QB Curse isn’t real?

The Jets revealed today that following the devastating loss to the Patriots, Sam Darnold had a toenail removed. Coach Adam Gase didn’t share a lot of details on this bizarre new development, leaving the media to arrive at their own conclusions.

Sports experts have narrowed it down to two theories.

Millennial parents, am I right?

Theory #1: Sam Darnold will do anything to get out of playing this season.
Only two weeks back from battling mono, Darnold is looking to get away again. Would the struggling quarterback go so far as to remove his own toenail? Sorry, Sam Darnold, that’s not quite enough to get put on IR!

Theory #2: Darnold’s toenail was removed by Jets HQ as punishment for ghost comment.
Ghosts are no joke. Sources close to the Jets say GM Joe Douglas “doesn’t #*%$ around with ghosts.” Talk about ghosts again, and lose the whole foot.


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