What You Need To Know Before Starting Sam Darnold

So your fantasy team needs a quarterback this weekend, and you just heard that Sam “The Man” Darnold will be starting for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Here’s what you need to know before blowing your waiver budget on Sam “Mono” Darnold!

Sam Darnold rose to fame in 2019 as the quarterback of the New York Jets when he got mono. Whoa. The NFL world in shock!

Earlier this season, Spleen Darnold talked some major smack while briefly competing with Baker Mayfield for the Carolina starting QB role. Unfortunately Spam Darnold suffered a mysterious ankle injury, so he let his pal Barker have the starting job.

Well, now that Braker Mayfly has suffered his own ankle injury, Stamp Darnold is getting another chance at the spotlight! Or is he???

Sam Darnold is a busy guy!

A neighbor and stalker of Slam Darnold uncovered a mysterious list from Mr. Darnold’s trash earlier today. So before you pass over the other free agent fantasy quarterbacks, you might want to take a look at Splat Darnold’s weekend plans leading up to game day.

Have a good time, Slim Darnold!

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