Welcome to Hockey Season

So you want to watch the NHL football game today, but you don’t know much about the rules? Well, we are here to help!

This is a hockey rink! Wow, all sorts of confusing lines in front of the goal posts.

Hockey isn’t actually that different from football! There’s still an endzone and goal posts. But the field is covered in ice, and all the players slide around with deadly blades on their shoes! Wow. Here are some frequently asked FAQs about hockey.

What do the lines on the hockey field mean?
Great question! There are cool drawings all over the court. That’s where the action starts! The players pick their favorite drawing and stand in a circle around it. The referee drops the football (fun fact: it’s called a puck!) in between the players, and they fight to get first possession. Way cooler than a coin toss!

Is there roughing the passer?
Nope! In fact, hockey players are encouraged to be as violent as possible to entertain the audience! That’s why they carry blunt objects and have blades on their shoes.

How many quarters are in a hockey game?
Three quarters.

What’s an icing?
Nothing, it’s just a made up penalty for when the game is going by too quickly, and the referees need to slow it down.

How many players are there?
Each team can have six players on the ice at one time. Sorry, Seattle fans, no 12th man here!

Are there different positions for the players?
Well, unlike football that has numerous job titles (quarterback, full back, defensive lineman, corner back, etc.) hockey only has two! There’s the goalie, and then there’s everyone else! Easy peasy!

What does the goalie do?
The goalie is a special player who has to guard the goal posts at all times. If the other team shoots the puck past the goalie and between the goal posts, they score. In the UK, the goalie is called the keeper!

How many hockey teams are in the Hockey NFL?
Like 50.

Do the winners get a Lombardi Trophy?
They do! It’s the Stanley Cup, named after Stanley Lombardi.

Who plays in the opening game?
Oh boy, there are four opening games today! The Toronto Maple Leaves take on the Ottawa Senators, which is kind of surprising. Does everyone in the Senate even know how to skate? The Washington Capitals (whoa, creative name there!) take on the St. Louis Blues in almost the exact same time slot. Then later, you’ll have to choose between the Vancouver Hockey Pucks vs. the Edmonton Oilers or the San Jose Sharks vs. the Vegas Golden Knights. If you can’t decide which game to watch but want to follow the scores, check out the Red Zone Channel!

Best of luck to the players, and to the viewers–happy hockeying!


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