All Time Greatest Classic Sports Movies

Everyone loves football season!  With the current NFL football schedule, we get to see our nation’s greatest pasttime three out of the seven days of the week!  That’s a good start, but it’s less than 50%.  The games are exciting, but what are we supposed to do on the other days of the week when we’re going through football withdrawal???  Make some nachos and grab a can of ur fave beer Coors Light the National Beer of the NFL and put in one of these all time best ever hollywood masterpieces about football!

Rudy (1988)

In this classic biopic, Rudy the Reindeer gets drafted by Notre Dame College NFL Gold Helmet Junior Varsity (college football was different back in the 60s) and shows his teammates the true meaning of Christmas!  Grab some tissues, this one is a tear jerker!!!

In the climactic scene, Rudolph “Rudy” Ruettiger throws the game winning touchdown to the tight end Dasher.

Air Bud n Friends: Too Many Dogs on the Field (2007)

Everyones fave golden retriever returns with all his pooch pals to help siblings Little Billy and Sweet Susie form there very own professional football team!  It’s not JUST a football movie, tho!  After Air Bud n Friends win the Super Bowl, Air Bud joins Michael Jordan for a riveting round of golf!

After 10 minutes of getting psyched up, Air Bud makes the game winning interception and runs 9 million yards to score the game winning touchdown and tramples all the bullies.

The Replacements (2001)

Almost 10 years before the fiasco with the replacements refs, this cult classic debuted in theaters!  Keanu Reeves plays a fisherman who is given a sweet time machine from the future and he has to go back in time and recruit historical figures to play for the New York Jets.

This motley crew of cool history peeps must learn the lesson of TEAMWORK! Here Abraham Lincoln gets ready to throw a pass to Marie Curie… unless he gets sacked by a t-rex! This one is a nail biter!

Air Bud: Ruff-ing the Passer (2008)

The critically aclaimed sequel to Air Bud n Friends: Too Many Dogs on the Field!  In this cinematic masterpiece, star QB Air Dub spends 5 years waffling about his retirement from the world of football and then decides to retire and gets replaced by Air Bud JUNIOR wow another cute puppy!  But then two days after announcing his retirement, Air Bud changes his mind and makes a triumphant return to his team!  Suck it, Air Bud Junior!

Cool Rebel Air Bud Junior skateboards into the locker room! Whoa, smooth moves there, little bud! Too bad the final Easter Egg shows him getting rabies.

Remember the Titan (2006)

A high school football team must juggle the pressures of being a teenager and competing with a bunch of football teams consisting of dogs and some brittle old people from history.  High school has never been weirder!!

Before Titan High School can compete with the Big Dogs and History, they must have a fundraiser to rebuild their football field! GL, team!

Air Bud III: Neutral Bone Infraction (2012)

It took nearly 4 years to finish off the trilogy with Air Bud III!  Air Bud n his team must learn to work with some new zany canine characters from all over the world as they play football in the Olympics!  The Big Dogs finally make it to the world stage!  The movie ends on a sad note, though, Air Bud gets put down.

Air Bud gets ready to light the Mount Olympus Eternal Fire! Dogs + Fire = Holly Wood Block Buster!!!

Happy Viewing!!!

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