Top 10 Reasons to Tune in to Colts vs Patriots on SNF!

This week’s Sunday Night Fotball game is between the Indiana Colts and the New England Patriots!  America is already anticipating Carrie Underwood’s National Football Anthem where we finally find out what kind of showdown it’s going to be!  Thrilling?  Nasty?  Vengeful?  Gut-wrenching?  We can’t wait for this week’s SNF adjective!

If ur planning on turning off ur television after u find out, THINK AGAIN!!!  Here are the top 10 reasons to stick around and watch this mysterious Colts Pats showdown!

10.  You can’t miss Coach and Fashion Icon Bill Belichick’s hoodie of the week!  Bill Bellicheck is making waves in the fashion world with his weekly hoodies!  And now that fall is officially here, he is sure to bust out some high quality Pats outerwear!  Rock on, Bill Belichick!

9.  Andrew Luck will probably play!  He hasn’t played football or shaved in weeks, tune in to check out his sweet beard!  Its where he gets his football strength!

8.  All the other channels on TV arent showing any programming.  If u change the channel to something other than NBC, u will just see some static or rainbow stripes.  May as well watch an exciting sports game!

7. Friendliest rivalry in football!  Fun fact, the players and coaching staff on these teams do A TON of cool activities together, like BBQs; bowling nights; that fun trust exercise where u lean backwards over a bed of nails, hot coals, and a whole colony of bullet ants and hope to hell the person behind u catches u.  They even get invited to family events like weddings and bdays!  Bell Billichick wore his nicest hoodie to T Y Hilton’s wedding!  TY Hilton thought it was great, he gave Bill Billichex a wink and a thumbs up, and Bell Bellicheck gave him a friendly head bob.

6. Ahmad Bradshaw is coming back!  America’s most famous Clot is making his triumphant return 2 football!  Welcome back, Ahmad Bradshaw!  GL n have fun!

5. Rob Gronkowski is stronger than ever!  Widely considered the best, Tightest End in history, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowksi has been working out super hard this season!  Thanks to his new training regiment, he can now bench press the entire offensive line while running at 25 mph.  Whoa!!  Tune in for some strong Gronk action!

4.  Football is all about rematches!  Every week is a rematch of another football game from the past or future, and this happens to be an AFC Champoinship rematch from last year.  Neat-O!  We can never have too much of a good thing!

3.  October is winding down, we only have a few weekends left to enjoy all the pink fotball gloves n pink ribbons!  Soak it up!!  But don’t forget about breast cancer, it doesn’t go away when October is over, that’s just a myth.

2. If u think this is ur last chance to play in one of those cool one-game fantasy leagues, this could b the most exciting game of the season for u!  There arent really any high steaks at the moment for either team, so maybe U R THE 1 to get the high steak!  Here’s what to do.  Join one of those one-game leagues, take all of ur money and I mean every penny so u can’t even pay for a cab to get home from the bar, and bet it all on like New England’s back up tight end!  So we are all 120% certain that if a tight end scores a touchdown, it’s going to b Rob “The Gronkest Gronk to ever Gronk” Gronkowski.  But WHAT IF that Pats are at the 3 yard line, Gronk’s helmet comes off, he has to sit out for one play, and HIS BACK UP SCORES THE TD!  Just THINK of how freaking COOL u would be in the eyes of ur friends n family!  U could sit there at the bar, take a sip of ur kick ass October flavored pumpkin beer, nod sagely, and tell ur buddies, “I called that.”  U would forever b the football hero.  Epic.

1.  Look, come on, don’t b a wienie.  Just watch the entire freaking game, ok.

GL, everyone!  Don’t forget to pre-game for Sunday by watching College NFL Junior games today!

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