Top 4 Brett Favre Memories!

Today former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre became part of the Packers Hall of Fame!  Congratulations, Brett Favre!  At 4PM the city of Green Bay unveiled a statue of the city’s former hero made entirely out of cheese!  it took 44 of the nation’s top cheese experts and carvers 400 days to produce this realistic replica.   In honor of ol’ Number Four here are our top 4 favorite Brett Favre moments with the Green Bay Packers:

4. The time in the 1999 season when Brett Favre had himself cloned to create an entire team full of Bretts Favres!  Great idea, an entire team of superstars!  Too bad the NFL wouldn’t allow more than one #4 on the team.

3. The time during the 1994 Thanksgiving game against the Lions when Brett Favre, famous for his hilarious practical jokes, stole some lions from the zoo, dressed them in Packers uniforms, and introduced them as the starting offensive line.  Good one!!  The real Lions from detroit didn’t know what hit them!  That joke was so funny he did that again for their games against the Bears, Panthers, Seahawks, & Jets.  (The Seahawks game was super disappointing though the offensive line just flew away.)

brett farve put a bunch of jets on the field! take that, jets! then one day he became a jet for awhile.

2  the time the Packers were 4th and 30 backed up in their own end zone and all the fans were yelling because they wanted Green Bay to just punt or w/e and Coach Mike “Brass Cajones” McArthur decided to GO FOR IT because he trusted Brett Favre and Brett Favre did a cool pump fake and then threw the ball as hard as he could!  he through the ball so hard it caught on fire in the air and all the defensive players were too busy remembering their fire safety training that Brett Favre was able to sprint all the way down the field to the 100 yard line and catch his very own pass in the end zone for a MEGA TOUCHDOWN worth 40 points!


1.  the time Brett Favre dabbled in physics and the space time continuum and built a time machine and went back in time to tell the Packers to draft him.  then future Brett Favre went to the University of Southern Ol’ Miss and found Past Brett Farve as a college student and merged with his former self to create a super human with 44 times the football skill of a regular athlete and won every super bowl 4ever.

Congratulations on all ur acheivements, Brett Favre!  Best of luck in ur future endeavors!

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