Shocking News from Draft Day

Day One of the NFL Draft went completely as expected!

Good thing, too, because the press was all over the breaking news out of Green Bay on Draft Day Morning! Long-time quarterback and local hero Aaron Rodgers no longer wants to play football in Green Bay.

Mixed reactions have come out from Packers fans. Some liken Rodgers to The Traitor Brett Favre who abandoned the Packers in 2008 but later redeemed himself because of the passage of time. Others are hoping that Rodgers will change his mind and stay in Title Town, the home of football where the Lombardi Trophy was forged by coaching legend Vince Lombardi. Makeshift shrines are popping up all over the city and in homes.

A shrine adorned with memorabilia from Aaron Rodgers’ career with the Packers. Good times!

Pop some popcorn and get ready for NFL 2021 Draft Day Two!

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