Colts Owner Shares Baffling Top Five Player List

Owner of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay shared on Twitter who he thinks the five greatest NFL players far, and the internet was more than a little confused!

Jim Irsay rose to fame earlier this year when the press broke the news about his infamous trip to the bathroom at QB Josh McDaniels’ house. NFL fans were a little concerned about Mr. Irsay’s health in light of that story, but now they’re even more puzzled!

In his controversial tweet, Jim Irsay proclaimed the top five NFL players: Jim Brown, Tom Brady, John Elway, Deacon Jones, and Reggie White.

“I’ve been worried about Mr. Irsay for a bit,” said a longtime Colts fan. “But everybody knows John Elway isn’t real.”

“I think Jim Irsay was just trying to not disappoint any of the kids out there who look forward to the holiday tradition where John Elway breaks into their house and leaves candy in their pockets,” said an Indianapolis resident. “Kids grow up so fast these days, what’s the harm in letting them believe in John Elway just a little longer?”

Share your top five NFL players in the comments! Only real players please!

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