Scott Foster’s Newest Beef Sabotages Bettors

Famous NBA official Scott Foster, who is best known for his feud with Phoenix Sun’s Chris Paul, may soon have beef with another NBA legend!

In tonight’s game, Scott Foster was nearly pancaked by the LeBron James! The officiating crew had to stop the game so Scott Foster could get medical attention.

And folks in Vegas were devastated.

“I bet everything on the Lakers when I saw Scott Foster’s name on the schedule,” lamented one NBA fan and gambling aficionado. “I thought for sure he’d call the shots in favor of LA. Thanks a lot, LeBron, now I have to work overtime for the next six months to make back the money I lost.”

Scott Foster checks his text messages as he tries to stop the bleeding.

Did this run-in just seal the Lakers’ Playoffs fate? Stay tuned to find out!

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