MLB Fans “Already Bored” with Fantasy Baseball

Only eight weeks into the regular season, and Fantasy Baseball owners are reportedly bored with the game!

“My brother-in-law texted me in January and asked if I wanted to be in his fantasy league,” said one regretful fantasy team owner. “I just assumed he fat-fingered and autocorrect changed ‘football’ to ‘baseball’. I guess I should have asked before I paid my league dues.”

“I thought fantasy baseball was the same as a baseball fantasy,” lamented another league member. “Remember when baseball players used to take drugs and stuff? I thought it would be like that.”

“The players were all talking to ghosts and all,” agreed another fan. “Like that one baseball movie about Ghosts Out on the Field.”

Whoa!! This is what batters used to see! Before MLB banned all the cool substances.

“Well, just because the players aren’t allowed to take drugs doesn’t mean we can’t,” said a recent baseball game attendee.

Wrong!!! Medina Spirit says, just say no! Most baseball parks have a zero-tolerance drug policy, and you will be asked to leave!

Some folks who got roped into attending a baseball game were delighted to hear that. “So that’s how you get to leave early! Thanks a lot, Athlete in Space!”

Disclaimer: don’t do drugs!!!! Even if you’re trying to get escorted out of a baseball park!

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