Sports Betting Aficionados “Furious” With NBA’s Scott Foster

As soon as NBA Referee Scott Foster was announced in the line-up of officials for Game Two of the Suns vs. Clippers, gamblers frantically placed last-minute bets against the Phoenix Suns.

“I don’t know what the beef is between [Scott] Foster and [Phoenix Sun Chris] Paul, but I’m here for the easy money,” said one gambling guru before the start of tonight’s game.

Frustrated bettors report multiple apps crashing as people rushed to wager that Scott Foster would ensure a Suns loss to the Clippers.

Whoa, that’s not very nice!
People actually download this app??

Unfortunately for gamblers, Scott Foster couldn’t give the Clippers enough free throws to beat YOUR Phoenix Suns.

“I’m happy for the Suns, I’ve been rooting for them ever since I read a sports blog that contractually obligated me to be a Suns fan,” said one unfortunate gambler. “I just wish I didn’t have to go tell my family that I lost a whole month’s salary betting on the Clippers. My partner reads the same blog, and she’s going to be furious that I bet against our favorite NBA team.”

Did Scott Foster pull a fast one and place his own bet on a Suns victory? The world would love to find out!

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