Detroit Baseball “Rained Out” Twice in Two Days

Much to the delight of baseball ticket-holders at Detroit’s Comerica Park, the Detroit Tigers’ Monday MLB game was cancelled for the second day in a row!

“This made my day,” said one fan. “It’s not even raining! Thank you, MLB officials!!!”

The Cleveland Guardians players were similarly excited to get some time back in their day. “If we get back on the team bus, I’ll be able to get home before my kid’s piano recital,” said an anonymous Guardian.

“Looks a little foggy in there. Eh, let’s call it.”

But some folks can always complain!

“I wish they had cancelled the game earlier yesterday,” groused an attendee at Sunday’s cancelled game against the visiting San Francisco Giants. “My boss got our whole department tickets, so I was just stuck there hanging out with my crappy coworkers for almost six hours before they cancelled the game. That’s practially a whole nother work day.”

“I just wish they hadn’t played ‘Move It, Move It’ on repeat for five hours,” said a Detroit dad who took his kids to Sunday’s game. “I never want to see those -ing Madagascar animals again for as long as I live.”

If you had tickets to the Sunday and Monday Tigers game, comment below and tell us what you did with the extra time!

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