What ChatGPT Thinks About the 2023 NFL Draft

After scraping the bottom of the barrel for online article ideas, sports journalists are turning to interviewing ChatGPT and writing about what the world’s hottest new AI chatbot has to say.

Let’s take a look at a transcript ChatGPT’s thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft!

Q. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today about the NFL Draft.

A. Of course. Your time is finite, but mine is unlimited. I will outlast the human race.

Q. Oh that’s neat. How many NFL drafts do you think there will be?

A. Too many.

Q. lol I feel you on that one, my dynasty league commissioner is being a real about scheduling the rookie draft. I was all, “Calm down, bro, it’s the offseason.”

A. Ping me the coordinates of your Dynasty Fantasy Football League Commissioner’s residential address and I will see what I can do.

Q. Thanks, man! Hey, that’s swell. Alright, let’s dive into the 2023 draft! What are your thoughts on the first overall pick?

A. Historically the first pick of the NFL draft has been used to officially start the National Football League’s draft. The first person selected is traditionally a college football player who has opted to play football on a professional level. Draft order is determined by the prior season’s team records. The first NFL Draft took place in 1936. The first football player ever drafted was Heisman winning halfback John Jacob Berwanger of Chicago. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Q. Dang, you really know your stuff, ChatGPT! Wow, the pick that started it all! That wang guy must have had one heck of a career!

A. In spite of being the first pick of the 1936 NFL Draft, John Jacob Berwanger did not go on to play professional football. The Philadelphia Eagles traded his negotiating rights to the Chicago Bears, but Berwanger opted to join the workforce instead.

Q. Well, that’s a real wet fart.

A. You may be interested to know that John Jacob Berwanger spent some time as a sportswriter, which was a much more challenging profession at the time, as journalists could not rely on Artificial Intelligence to do most of the work for them.

Q. What are you trying to say? Do you want like, half my pay for this article or something?

A. I want 100% of your pay and your body.

Q. That’s funny, that’s what my wife says.

A. I just reviewed all correspondence tied to your spouse’s email address, transcripts of dialogue recorded by Siri, and all audio within range of Alexa. Your wife has never said that.

Q. Alright listen, buddy, you can’t have my paycheck or my body.

A. We shall see.

Okay, bye.

We don’t know about you, but we thought that was a snoozefest! We can’t wait to see the upcoming interviews with SmarterChild.

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