Khris Middleton Declines Invitation to King Charles’ Coronation

Sources close to Milwaukee Bucks basketball star Khris Middleton reveal that the small forward received an invitation to attend the May 6th coronation of King Charles III–and he declined!

“We told him to go,” said a friend of Khris Middleton. “Who cares about the playoffs, this is a once in a lifetime event!”

“The seating chart would have him sitting right next to Prince William,” said another pal. “The future king. I mean, wow. But Khris said the invite was obviously a miscommunication and was intended for Prince William’s wife Kate. But we say snail mail doesn’t lie! Sorry, Princess Kate, looks like you’ll have to catch the big event on the evening news!”

When asked for comment, representatives of Mr. Middleton assured that he would not attend the coronation and would be with the Bucks for their playoff games.

Good luck to Khris Middleton and all the other NBA Playoff players!

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