Russell Wilson Flips Golf Cart

Apparently Russell Wilson has something to prove this coming season! In a feat of strength that onlookers described as “superhuman” and “otherworldly”, the Denver Broncos QB flipped a golf cart this weekend!

“My chums and I were over at Arrowhead Golf Course, and around the fifth hole, we spotted Russell Wilson,” said an eyewitness golfer. “He and his golfing buddies were talking about strength training and flipping those big tires in football workouts. Russell Wilson says he can do that workout easily, his buddies roll their eyes and then say ‘Oh yeah? Then flip this golf cart.’ And by George, Russell Wilson did it!”

“He didn’t even break a sweat,” said another golfer. “I feel bad for all the teams playing against the Broncos this fall.”

Remember to lift with your back!

Russell Wilson reportedly flipped the golf cart multiple times before it got lodged in a bunker. It was tough to get his footing to flip it again, but the onlookers were all sufficiently impressed.

Glad you’re uninjured, Russell Wilson! Stay safe out there!

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