College Football Spring Games Here to Save Big Beer Profits

Never fear, Beer! College spring games are here!

C-Suite execs with Big Beer have been stressing about falling profits following the NFL Super Bowl, aka the biggest holiday for beer.

But it looks like the beer makers have nothing to worry about!

“This is ridiculous, they didn’t even look at our forecast,” said the head of Finance at Beer Inc. “Sales always fall at the start of Q2, and then we get the college football spring game. It’s like they weren’t even listening during our last stand-up.”

Enlightening. Can you get a deep-dive in my inbox by EOD?

“Personally, I don’t see the appeal,” said the Accounting manager. “I mean, both the offense and defense are on the same team. You’re rooting for the same team. And all the players are rusty. But with all the boring baseball and golf on TV, folks are just so desperate to watch a good old fashioned football game, they’ll buy as many cases of beer as they can fit in their car and show up to tailgate.”

If you’re going to a spring game, have fun and be safe!

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