Scientists Race Sports Journalists in Competition to Predict 1st NFL Draft Pick

Oh boy, folks, it’s a competition like we’ve never seen before!

Sports writers have spent months watching college football and professional football, pouring their hearts and souls into their journalism, in order to predict which college football player will be the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. And now BIG SCIENCE has showed up to STEAL ALL THE FUN.

“We weren’t really motivated to finish our project before,” said an EGGHEAD. “But we’re so fed up seeing all these jocks trying to guess who will be picked first for the sports team. We figured, ‘Hey, let’s put the finishing touches on our time machine, travel to the future, and find out for ourselves!'”

Crushed it!

We can’t wait for those nerds to come back and tell us all about the NFL Draft! Keep your eyes on the skies, folks!

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