What Will Jets Do With Zach Wilson?

The rumors are swirling about what the future holds for Zach Wilson, the current back-up to the back-up quarterback on the New York Jets!

A Jets insider reveals that the Jets are stumped. “We’ve been putting a lot of thought into Zach’s future with the team. We’ve been reading a lot, finding some books that really help us understand the meaning of life and all that. Well, okay, we just picked the ones that had been made into hit movies. We don’t have time to read.”

Sources close to the Jets report that the Jets Human Resources department will be reviewing the options for Zach Wilson and will make a decision using the most unbiased method: mash.

Whoa. Did you watch the movie?

“We normally consult a trusted advisor,” admitted Jets HR. “But we, uh, haven’t gotten a definitive answer.”

And please don’t eat anybody!

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