Woody Johnson Flies to CA, Photoshop Experts Rush to Share Rodgers Pics

The Commander in Chief of the New York Jets Woody Johnson flew to California to meet with Green Bay Packers geriatric quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In light of this news, photoshop gurus rushed to churn out images of Aaron Rodgers wearing a New York Jets jersey.

Woddy Johnso n flying to californa to meet with Aaron Rodgers.

– the 57th person to break the news
“Hear is a snack peak of Rogers in a Jets unifrom.”

President Lyndon Johnson meeting with Aardvark Rodgers today.”

– the 56th person to break the news
“Ugh, STUPID AUTOCORRECT! Whatever, small price to pay for sharing the news before that other sucker. My photoshop job is way better, too.”

Aaron Rodgers to became a new york jeep!

– the 70th person to break the news
“Awwww man, I was so close!!! If only I’d done a worse photoshop job, I could have posted a few seconds sooner.”

Will Aaron Rodgers follow in the footsteps of his Packers mentor Brett Favre? Stay tuned to sports to find out!

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