KD’s Suns Debut Results In Hornets Jersey Sell-Out!

Suns fans around the world tuned in tonight to watch legendary basketball player Kevin Durant in his very first game as a Phoenix Sun on the road against the Charlotte Hornets.

The internet did not expect the Suns victory to result in Hornets jerseys selling out on every shopping website on the entire internet. But here we are!

“I’ve been a Suns fan ever since I read an article on athleteinspace.com that legally obligated me to root for the Suns,” said a Suns fan. “I didn’t really know anything about the Hornets, but boy, am I glad I tuned into tonight’s game!”

“OMG,” shouted a frat boy. “Look at those Hornets jerseys! I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat! LMAO!!!”

“Duuuuuuuuuude,” yelled his friend. “Look at the Charlotte airport code! Forget spring break at Rocky Point, we’re going to NORTH CAROLINA, baby!”

Marketing genius!

“I don’t even care what number is on the jersey, I’m ordering those for all my buddies,” said a sophisticated humorist. “Classic!”

Jersey makers will be pulling some all-nighters to get the world’s hornet websites restocked! Be safe out there, everyone!

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