Phoenix Suns T-Shirt Night Celebrates Kevin Durant

YOUR Phoenix Suns (we hope you haven’t forgotten your legally binding agreement to be a Suns fan!) celebrated the addition of super star basket player Kevin Durant with a free t-shirt night for the fans. Nice!

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for years,” said a Suns marketing associate. “As soon as we caught a whiff that the Suns were interested in KD, we worked up this design. It’s revolutionary!”

“Kevin Durant is number 35,” explained the Suns chief math expert. “And a lot of folks think the number three looks like the letter ‘E’ and five looks like an ‘S’. We were looking for a catchy way to incorporate that into a celebratory sign or banner about Phoenix. And then it hit us! The word ‘desert’ has an ‘E’ and an ‘S’ in the right order. Boom.”


A rare misprint. We’d like to be welcomed to the dessert!

“It’s a truly inspiring design,” said a Suns marketing intern. “We hope this shows Kevin Durant how excited we are to have him on our team.”

“We had a few other designs ready to go, if the organization went it a different direction,” added a Suns marketing analyst. “We had a killer design featuring the number six in case the Suns got LeBron James!”

Classic Arizona!

If you attended the Suns Clippers game, let us know if you got a rare misprint t-shirt!

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