Aaron Rodgers Goes On Darkness Retreat

Packers QB, former Jeopardy! host, and apparent torture enthusiast Aaron Rodgers will be contemplating his future… in total darkness!


Aaron Rodgers plans to be in total darkness for four days to give him clarity of mind and insight into his future.

The view from Aaron Rodgers’ getaway!

“This is just one of a few retreats I’ve been on to center myself,” said the longtime Packers QB. “I’m all about self-improvement.”

If the Darkness Retreat sounds like an eye-opening experience, you should also try the Water Retreat. “They put a soft cloth over your face and then slowly pour nice, cool water,” said Aaron Rodgers. “You just focus on the soothing flow and think about the flow of your life’s journey. It’s very illuminating. I’ve had some of my best ideas on a Water Retreat.”

Be careful out there, everyone!

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