Arizona Cardinals Injury Update

For Cardinals fans watching the Monday Night Football game between the Cards and Patriots, the game started with a bad omen!

The Cardinals mascot, a Cardinal named Big Red, was doing a sick backflip when he suffered an ankle injury. Not a peep was heard in the stands as Big Red hobbled off the field.

Foreshadowing a fateful play for Kyler Murray!

“Hey Kliff,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh wrote to Coach Kingsbury. “We feel you, buddy, we spent a fortune on VET bills this year! Your team and Big Red will be in our GIZZARDS.”

“That doesn’t even make sense,” GROUSED Kyler Murray. “Isn’t the gizzard part of the stomach? Also birds have hearts, man. Also I have an injured ‘drumstick’ too, thanks for noticing.”

“Huh? It’s called a leg, Kyler Murray,” said John Harbaugh. “You DODO.”

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