Last Minute Gifts For Sports Fans

Does someone on your holiday gift list like sports?

Check out these suggestions for last-minute stocking stuffers!

For the Football Fan
This is an easy one! Get this fan a football! The gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

What could it be?

For the Basketball Fan
It’s a home run! Get this sports lover a football! You’ll also be giving them the gift of time. Basketball teams play about a hundred games each season. But realistically there are less than 20 football games that actually matter because let’s face it, buddy–your team probably won’t go to the super bowl.

For the Golfer
This one is a SLAM DUNK! Get this amateur athlete a football! Not only is it more fun–you don’t have to join a country club or buy a bunch of peripherals in order to play. You just show up to a park with all your pals!

For the Tennis
Knock the gift for your tennis loving buddy out of the park! Your friend probably already has a racket and some tennis balls. Get this dum-dum a football! Experts agree that tennis is the #2 most boring sport to watch on television. Let’s help the people in your life find better sports to watch!

For the Baseball Fan
They’re probably lying when they say they like watching baseball. Don’t get this lying sack of anything.

For Soccer Fan
Fans outside the United States may have written “football” on their wish lists already. Are you really going to overthink this? Throw the ol’ pigskin in your shopping cart and move on!

For the E-Sport Player
Whoa! Everything is virtual in the meatusverse now!! Well, better get this futuristic fan a real life actual football that they can play with when there’s an internet outage.

What’s on your shopping list?

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