Top 5 Gifts for NFL Fans

Tis the season, folks! Have you started your holiday shopping but you don’t know what to get for the NFL fan in your life.

We are here to help! Let’s take a look at the five most popular gifts for football aficionados.

#5 – Jacksonville Jaguar Toaster
Whoa, we hope the fan on your list is a Jaguar fan!

This baby right here will make a piece of toast and burn the center of it in the shape of the iconic Jacksonville Jaguar.

#4 – Carolina Panthers Toaster
Even longtime Panther Christian McCaffrey had one of these!

If you get one of these, you can eat the same toast that Mr. McCaffrey ate. Maybe toast with the iconic Carolina Panther burned into it was the secret to his power, and you, too, can become a star NFL running back through the power of Panther toast. Let us know how it goes!

#3 – Cincinatti Bengals Toaster
Uh, alright, folks are really into toast this year!

A must-have for fans of Ohio’s second most-popular football team! Featuring the iconic Cincinatti Bengal. It’s burned into the center of the toast so that when you make it for your kids, they’ll ask you to cut around it because they don’t want to eat the dark, crispy part of the bread.

#2 – Detroit Lions Toster
We’re not gonna lie, this thing looks like . This is number two? Are we the only ones seeing this?

NFL fans in Michigan will love burning the iconic image of the Detroit Loin into their morning tost! Eat up!

…and finally, number one!

#1 – New York Giants Toatser
Huh. Well, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind item for the New York football fan in your life, you should probably make sure they don’t root for Bills or Jets. But then order them this novelty totser that will burn a large cat into the center of their tast.

What’s on your shopping list? Comment below!

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