#1 Pick in the 2023 Dynasty Rookie Draft

This weekend in college football has basically locked in which NCAA football player will be the first overall pick in Dynasty Fantasy Football rookie drafts.

Dynasty owners have unanimously decided that the first pick will be the quarterback of the Washington Huskies, Michael Penix Jr.!

“Omg his last name is almost penis,” said one dynasty team owner. “The team name possibilities are endless!”

“My team is in first place in my dynasty league, but now I have to tank the rest of the season to try to get the #1 pick,” said another owner.

“This is awful,” lamented a dynasty owner who is also a University of Washington alum. “No one else was paying attention to Huskies football until their upset over the Ducks today. Michael Penis was the best kept secret of the 2023 draft! And now everybody’s going to want to draft him.”


Yet another dynasty owner said simply, “Omg, Penis Jr!”

Congrats on becoming the hottest 2023 draft pick, Michael Penix Jr!

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