Nick Foles One Step Closer to Achieving His Dreams

Ever since that one movie came out, people have been making “bucket lists” to do before they kick the eternal rest and meet the grime reaper. Well, Nick Foles is one of these such people, so he too has a bucket list. His bucket list hangs on his refrigerator so he’s reminded of his life goals every time he makes breakfast! He can look at his list and be reminded of all the goals he’s already achieved and what he still has to accomplish. Whoa! Hashtag adulting, are we right?

And now that Mr. Foles has signed with the Indianapolis Colts, he gets to cross another item off his list!

That pest control company must have had to pay big for that custom phone number.

Where will Nick Foles go next? Will he stay with the Colts for an entire season? Or will he try to cross another bucket off his list in 2022 and get a new cool magnet for a local pest control company in a different state?

Stay tuned to the NFL football season to find out!

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