Rain Delay in NBA Playoffs

Now we’ve seen everything!

Outdoor sports like football, baseball, and golf often see delays because of lightning and rain. (In baseball, the MLB players melt if they get wet, so the game is paused. In golf, journalists frequently lobby to delay the game until the lightning starts up, in the hopes of getting an interesting story.) But a rain delay for a basketball game?? And a Playoff game at that?? Get it together, Dallas!

The weather pattern had been tracked by meteorologists ever since the infamous May 15th implosion of the Phoenix Suns in a blowout home game loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Tears of anguish from the folks in Arizona evaporated into the sky and formed a giant cumbolunimbus rain cloud over the Valley. (Cloudulonimbutt is the science word for rain cloud! Remember 6th grade science? Neither do we!)

Anyway, the Nimbulocumbutt cloud began to move across the map and arrived at Dallas tonight–just in time for the Mavs to take on the Golden State Warriors in a high-stakes Game Four.

The cunnilinimgus cloud making its 9-day journey to Dallas.

Life hack: weather moves from left to right!

Unfortunately for the Mavs fans who have to work tomorrow, it’s been a dog’s age since the roof at American Airlines Center was inspected, so when the storm began, raindrop tears of anguish and rage began to leak through the roof onto unsuspecting fans, players, refs, and basketballs.

Shout out to the NBA Court Mop Folks of American Airlines Center! Great work keeping the court safe.

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