Changes Could Be Coming to Lambeau

The Green Bay Packers have issued another year’s worth of season tickets to folks who have been on their waiting list–and some fans have been waiting for 50 years to get tickets! Now that’s a dedicated fan base!

Fortunately people are living longer nowadays, so they can afford to be on a waiting list for over half a century. But now that the fans in attendance are graying, Lambeau Field will have to make some adjustments to the stadium and Jumbotron content.

Time for a music update! Seniors are less likely to want to dance to “Move It, Move It” after having to watch “Madagascar” with their grandkids 500 times. Time to grab some oldies records and party like it’s 30 years before 1999!

A change in advertising would also be a good idea. Longtime Packers fans know the deal about stadium food and cool Cheesehead merch at the Pro Shop! These loyal fans have had decades to plan their trips to Lambeau. What the new crowd could really use are some handy reminders on the jumbotron, just in case they get too wrapped up in the game. Gotta keep fans in tip-top shape.

Pills aren’t just for seniors! The younger fans can bring with their fish oil and gummy vitamins for the little tykes!

Simple tweaks to the stadium vendors would help the crowd have the best-possible time. Future fans probably won’t be shelling out for cotton candy or cookies from the vendors who walk around in the bleachers. Now a vendor that sells Tums and Rolaids–there’s a game-winning idea for sure! Fans won’t have to pick between eating the delicious game food that they’ve had a quarter of a century to think about and getting a decent night’s sleep free from heartburn!

What recommendations would you make to the folks who run Lambeau Field? Comment below!

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