Change is Happening in Cleveland!

First Cleveland gets a new quarterback, next they could get a new name for their football stadium!

The City of Cleveland will be deciding on a bill to remove the FirstEnergy name from FirstEnergy Stadium.

An anonymous Big Wig of the Cleveland political scene reportedly said, “Well, we have a scandal-quarterback now, so we can’t also have a scandal stadium name.”

“Cleveland is America’s city,” added another even Bigger Wig. “Cleveland has always been known for delicious buckeye candies, rock and roll, LeBron James, and the #5 cutest college football mascot Brutus the Buckeye. We don’t want to become synonymous with scandal.”

Artist’s rendering of FirstEnergy Stadium if the bill passes. This artist is the leading expert in drawing stairs.

You can take FirstEnergy out the stadium, but you can also take the stadium out of FirstEnergy.

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