CP3 Setting Personal Records in Playoffs

If you couldn’t tell from the sick graphic, Chris Paul has been breaking and setting records throughout his long career.

“That looks amazing. Did you pay a real artist to make that?”
– you, just now

Chris Paul, known as CP3 to his fans, celebrated his 37th birthday with a Playoff Loss to the Dallas Mavericks. (That’s not how most people celebrate their birthdays, but C3PO is a trend-setter!) Despite his age and status as a “geriatric point guard”, Mr. Paul is still out there breaking records, setting records, breaking already setted records, setting broken records, and hiring talented artists to make freaking sweet infographics of broken records.

Sources close to Chris Paul revealed that he was getting bored setting “all the cool records” and younger and middle-aged NBA players were starting to get overwhelmed by the prospect of never being able to beat CP3’s stats. Chris Paul reportedly had a good laugh and then decided to set another personal best record for his career with the Phoenix Suns: 7 turnovers in one game!

That’s the most he’s had with the Suns–but his career high in turnovers is 8, a long time ago in a state far, far away from Arizona. Suns fans are happy for CP3 setting new records for himself, but they collectively hope that he doesn’t decide to go for 9 turnovers in tomorrow’s game.

Be sure to tune into the game tomorrow to cheer on your fave team!

And if you or a friend or family member would like to celebrate your next birthday getting stomped by the Mavs, contact Dallas to make a reservation. Fun for all ages!

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