NBA Refs, Mavs Team Up to Help CP3 Set Foul Record

We wondered what record Suns Point God Chris Paul was going to try to set today! Fans have been following CP3’s journey to set records for his personal bests in everything from assists to points in one quarter. It’s always neat to see someone giving it their all to get the best new stats!

On Friday, fans cheered on Mr. Paul as he worked on breaking his turnover record. Non-stop passing action!

In today’s Game Four in Dallas, Chris Paul tried to achieve his highest record for fouls–and the NBA officials and Mavs were so invested in his fun journey, they decided to help him out!

CP3 earned his fourth foul when he used his power of telekinesis to send Luka Dončić flying!

For an experienced basketball player like Chris Paul, it takes a lot of concentration to do a foul. Over the years, he trained himself mentally and physically to avoid committing fouls, and it’s tough to unlearn. So it was awful swell when the officials and Luka Dončić and his chums on the Mavs stepped in to help CP3 out!

We’re pretty sure the refs just made up some rules on the spot, but that just shows how far they’re willing to go to help a buddy!

Shout out to the NBA refs for keeping the game exciting and unpredictable! Let’s all gamble our life savings on Game Five!

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