Modernized Kentucky Derby Garland Tribute to the Late Medina Spirit

Whether you loved him because of his nonchalant attitude toward drugs or hated him because you had to give back the $10 grand you won when he was stripped of his Kentucky Derby title, Medina Spirit has made a huge impact on the world of sports.

And we may see his impact again this weekend in the updated version of the Kentucky Derby Garland of Roses, which is presented to the winner each year.

A leaked mock-up of the 2022 Garland appears to feature hundreds of marijuana leaves, a nod to the late Medina Spirit’s love of both performance enhancing and recreational drugs.

Roses are so 1930. This is a garland for a horse’s horse!

If this draft is accurate, this would be the most expensive Garland yet! A single rose is reportedly one-third the price of a marijuana leaf. But in other years, the roses were either dried or dipped in silver–a costly preservation process for sure. This updated garland model would be easy to up-cycle or re-use through burning. Eco friendly!

Do you think the Kentucky Derby is only for rich folks with fancy hats? Well, now it’s easier than ever to bet on four-legged NASCAR! Download the “Cash Flusher” app and make your pick!

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