2022 NFL Mock Draft: Browns Trade Up, Acquire Every QB

In one of the most shocking NFL Mock Drafts in recent history, the Cleveland Browns trade up and spend big to acquire every available QB in the 2023 Draft!

We didn’t see that coming!

In this scenario, the Cleveland Browns decided to adopt the same draft strategy as your annoying cousin who you reluctantly invited to join your redraft fantasy football league when you had an odd number of teams the day before the draft.

We guess you won’t be re-inviting this clown to the league.

We certainly respect the strategy! If you draft all the quarterbacks, there won’t be anyone left for the other teams. But we hope this Cleveland mock draft doesn’t become a reality! With all the young QBs keeping the bench warm in Cleveland and no new QB talent to pass the baton to, geriatric quarterbacks like Tom Brady might not be able to retire until 2027.

And if Roger Goodell is anything like the commissioner of your fantasy league, Cleveland might find themselves uninvited to the NFL!

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