All the Action from the Masters

Today was the first tournament day of the Masters!

If you’re one of the trillions of people who don’t know what the Masters is, we got you. The Masters Tournament is a seven-day mimosa and bloody mary drinking competition interspersed with the competitors hitting a tiny white ball into a hole and then power walking to another area and hitting the ball again.

We guess that sounds like fun, but 99% of people who are drinking outdoors would rather play cornhole.

If you didn’t walk by your office break room and catch a glimpse of a TV tuned into the Golf Channel, here is what you missed:

That sure is a hole. How many balls will end up in there? Let’s wait and see!

We are on the edge of our seats!

It might be time to switch to decaf over here!

So close!!! We just need a strong gust of wind!

If you’re have a hard time taking a nap tomorrow, tune into the Masters Tournament for immediate relief.

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