Aaron Rodgers on Bitcoin Bandwagon, Crypto PLUMMETS

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to controversy, and he’s creating quite a stir in the crypto community!

On Thursday, Aaron Rodgers publicly shared his enthusiasm for Bitcoin and his belief that someday soon, the NFL could be paying all player salaries in Bitcoin. With that ringing endorsement, guess what happened to the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Well, thanks a lot, Aaron Rodgers.

Folks who were contemplating getting into crypto are now having second thoughts.

“I’m not gonna lie, crypto is confusing,” said one aspiring crypto investor. “Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, Buttcoin, Tether, Fartcoin… my head was just spinning, what do I get? But now that Rodgers in on board, I’m not taking any chances. I mean, why would I take financial advice from someone who didn’t graduate college?”

Joke’s on that anonymous crypto bro. Aaron Rodgers does in fact have an honorary degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin. Paging Dr. Rodgers! We need to get this bro some Dogecoin, stat!

“I don’t trust that dude,” said an unnamed former crypto enthusiast. “He lied to his team about getting vaccinated. Who does that?? What else is he lying about? Probably about his covid toe. And how well he understands crypto. Hard pass.”

Be careful when it comes to crypto, folks! It may sound cool but be sure to do some research before taking the plunge! Remember–celebrities have time to wait hours for their crypto transaction to process when they’re buying a stick of gum. But Average Joes like us have to stay on our grind.

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