Most Disappointing April Fool’s Day

Sports players and journalists agree that today was the most disappointing April Fools’ Day in world history.

If you were counting on some neat pranks from your fave sports players, then you were in for a disappointing TGIF. Time to find a minion meme to express your disappointment.

Man! What a load of .

We thought we’d at least get a tweet from Tom Brady saying “Psych!!!! I’m still retiring lmao.” Or an instagram post from Brett Favre saying he’s coming back to play for the Detroit Loins. Or a Facebook Meta video of Elvis–but he’s a tiger now, and he says he’s been Matt Stafford this whole time and he’s been married to Amelia Earhart since 2014.

So many possibilities, but we got jack today.

Well, athletes, you’ve got a whole year to plan something for April Fool 2023 and not let down your entire fan base. No pressure.

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