In-Demand Mods for Madden 24

Folks are loving the new edition of NFL’s Madden ’23. It was a lot of hard work to program all the overtime rules, touchdown celebrations, different overtime rules, other touchdown celebrations, post-season overtime rules, post-season overtime rules part II, and career mode. Whoa!! Thanks, Madden programmers!

While gamers are trying out Madden 23, they’re already making wish-lists for mods they’d like to have for Madden 24. Here are the faves so far.

All Players Are Sam Darnold
Have you ever wondered what games would look like if every single player was Sam Darnold? We’re talking offensive linemen, tackles, receivers, tight ends, quarterbacks, kickers. Everyone. Time to bust out the coding books and get started on some hot visual basic and pythons!

JJ Watt is 50 Feet Tall
Whoa. So every game against the Cardinals will be a shutout! If you’re not playing as a Cardinals, you should probably trade for him.

Apocalypse Mode
Natural disasters are 2,000% more likely to occur during a football game! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, vampires, cults, volcanic eruptions, alien abductions, lightning. This is getting real, folks!

More Robust Injury Sliders
Do you get -ing -ed the off when the players on your team get injured? I mean, sure, you’re playing as Tom Brady in his 30th season, but it’s absolute horse that he sprained his ankle and will be out for two weeks. Horse ! Or do you like the added challenge of knowing your players are made out of glass and the slightest tap will shatter their femurs? Let’s get modding!

Yeah, crank those puppies all the way down! Eat crap, MCLs!

We don’t know about you, but we are psyched for Madden 24! Let’s get this season over with already!

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