Motive Behind Broncos Fire

It’s a tough time to be a Denver Bronco!

Rumor has it today’s fire at the Denver Broncos’s stadium was started by disgruntled fans, disappointed in the team’s lackluster off-season.

The smoke from Empower Field at Mile High could be seen from more than one mile away.

This is what Denver looks like!

Fortunately for the Denver, the USA’s chief importer of Broncos, the stadium with the world’s clunkiest name survived the flames and is ready to capitalize on the incident.

“Yo, we can charge more for those seats now,” said the Denvers Bronco Marketing Department. “Those seats are straight fire!”

Unfortunately, the young folks don’t say “fire” and “lit” anymore, so we doubt that the Bronco Industry will get more money for the seats with fire damage. Nice try, though!

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