World’s Most Common Sports Injuries

Athletes give 110% of their effort 120% of the time! As part of their contracts, under “other duties as assigned”, there’s a bullet point that says “sacrifice your body for the sport”.

So of course, injuries sometimes happen to our fave athletes. Let’s take a look at the most common injuries in sports and how long the recovery time usually takes!

Getting hit in the nuts
Probably the most common injury in sports! Especially contact sports like basketball and football! In spite of the high pain level, this injury usually has a pretty quick recovery time of a couple minutes.

Getting the wind knocked out
This one is super scary to see happen, especially if you see it happen to one of your fantasy players! But players usually bounce back in a few minutes, no lasting damage!

Lisfranc fracture
Lisa frank fractures are easiest to diagnose with x-rays because you can see the telltale rainbows, unicorns, or dolphins.

Standard Lisa Frank Fracture. This one looks like a doozy.

We hope this helps you understand what’s going on when you see a player get injured.

Happy sports spectating!

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