Brady Announces Return to Bucs, Reconciles with Tom Sr.

Tom Brady shocked half of the NFL community today when he announced that he would return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season! The other half of the NFL world totally saw this coming and weren’t fooled for a minute.

Tom Brady now has the second shortest retirement in the NFL! Second only to Brett Favre’s record-setting 7-minute retirement.

Sources close to Tom Brady shared that “Touchdown Tom” was originally planning to make his big announcement on April 1st for April Fools’ Day–but he announced sooner to patch things up with his dad.

If you recall, Tom Brady Sr. had to eat major crow last month after telling the media that his son hadn’t shared his plans to retire with his old man.

Tom Brady’s sisters were unavailable to comment.

“I knew Little Tom wouldn’t make a big decision like that without telling me first!” Tom Brady Sr. reportedly told his extended family earlier today. “A son would always talk to his pop about a major life change like that!”

Congrats to Tom Brady Jr., the Bucs, and the family members planning the Brady Family Reunion! Our condolences to the Tom Brady dynasty owners who counted out Touchdown Tom.

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